Architecture vs Climate Change is a podcast that shares knowledge about built environments to help save the planet. We can’t work alone; we need to innovate and communicate to live in a more sustainable way. Architecture contributes to 40% of global energy use, so finding new ways to help reduce this impact is important. This podcast is not only for people working in the architecture field but for everyone to be able to understand how we can construct a more sustainable world through smart design. The road ahead is steep, let's get a running start with Architecture vs Climate Change.
The program is going to be a talk-focused show, where I would interview one or more guests to talk about architecture and sustainability, and do they have any innovative ways, or projects they would like to talk about. Also, if they have any knowledge or input about what already exists and what would be the best route to move forward. Also, for people who are not in the architecture field, to try to understand the process of thinking, what they can also do to help, and the design intentions of the architect. 
1- Interviewed Heidi Alexander, who works at JPL. Her main interests are solar, light optical geometry, radiative materials, and thermal energy storage.
2- Projects from Woodbury University: A student, Rafael Aguilar, where talks about his thesis research about Phosphorus. And a professor, Kishani De Silva about her thoughts on architecture and sustainability.
Software: Adobe Audition

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